Why is it difficult to die from a cannabis overdose?

Fortunately, it is less as well as less typical to hear that cannabis can eliminate. Gradually, it will happen just like every little thing else: anthropological and clinical proof will after that be legitimized and also approved and this false belief will vanish.

Throughout current background, genuine assaults on scientific reality have actually been claimed regarding marijuana. All of these character assassinations have something alike. The lack of rigor, objectivity as well as independence in marijuana studies has actually delegated it to modern ostracism. The popular “War on Drugs”, started as well as advertised by the United States government of Nixon, was extremely powerful, however like the UN, it navigated the reality that marijuana use is something that affects every person.

This is among the most fallacious cases regarding marijuana. We will certainly dismantle it using a description adjusted to a strenuous clinical positioning.

Organic chemistry and biology say so
According to the National Cancer Institute:

” Since cannabinoid receptors, in contrast to opioid receptors, are not discovered around the brainstem that regulate respiration, a fatal overdose of cannabis and also cannabinoids can not take place”

That is, the existence of floral cannabinoids can not depress or subdue respiration because cannabinoid receptors are not involved in breathing function.

Undoubtedly, throughout history, there is no evidence of death related to cannabis. On the other hand, it is possible to die from alcohol poisoning or an overdose of opiates such as fentanyl, oxycodone or heroin. In this sense and also with regard to the mechanisms associated with opioid overdoses, KTS Pattinson, teacher of anesthesiology at the University of Oxford, believes that the leading cause of death amongst opioid addicts is that the body literally fails to remember to take a breath. As we discussed earlier, the brainstem is of vital relevance in breathing function. This is where the breathing process begins, situated in the pre-Bötzinger facility. Opioids depress this area of the pre-Bötzinger facility, leading to slow-moving, arrhythmic breathing.

In extreme cases, when an opioid overdose occurs, the respiratory procedure is entirely influenced as well as the body starts to obtain say goodbye to oxygen, leading to fatality. Opioid overdoses can be deadly just due to opioid receptors, which are found in the brainstem in charge of breathing, to name a few points. As we said in the past, opioid receptors are located in lots of locations of the mind as well as can affect various other features. Undoubtedly in certain cases, the blood circulation system can be affected by these opioid-induced clinical depressions which reduced blood pressure.

For its component, alcohol, also, can be deadly. It is sufficient for this, to go beyond the capability of the liver to metabolize it. Furthermore, the alcohol in our body produces results that reduce the exact same locations of the brain in charge of respiratory and circulatory functions. As we stated in the case of narcotics, it can cause fatality.

In contrast, cannabinoid receptors are located around the hippocampus, basal ganglia, as well as brain, and they barely exist in the pre-Bötzinger complex region. These areas of the brain are responsible for cognition and activity, yet not for important features. This is the scientific reason marijuana is not dangerous.

On the other hand, the threat of a drug can not be measured on the basis of the restorative index. It is the proportion between the deadly dosage of a drug as well as the dosage from which its effects are recognizable. A research by E. Williamson M. as well as Evans FJ, entitled “Cannabinoids in professional method”, say that the therapeutic index of marijuana is 40,000: 1. 1 is the amount of cannabis needed to experience a psychotropic effect, 40,000 is the quantity taken into consideration. as fatal. Quite simply impossible.

Errors for truths

Some healing or health specialists involved in medication addiction believe that while the above is irrefutable, cannabis usage can kill in other ways. Despite scientific evidence, some markets hesitate to address this truth from a consensus perspective. This way as well as to some extent, politicians continue to promote these fallacies. A fine example would certainly be the “Healing Center”, a facility accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Town of Madrid. This healing facility sustains the following:

” The reality that cannabis customizes habits as well as assumption, might cause a loss of the feeling of duty, leading when taking preventative measures, a decrease of guard on the part of the consumers, such as sexual security, and boosting hence the threat of transmission of venereal diseases, as well as the danger of experiencing abuse as well as offenses. “

We can clearly see exactly how lies are built by changing clinical regards to questionable legitimacy. It is very common to find settings that rely upon clinical camouflage. They often make use of expressions like: “in the majority of researches”, “a recent study conducted by”, “studies have actually revealed that ”. These mentioned studies are rarely joined by proof.

To the concern: why is it not feasible to die from an overdose of cannabis? the Therapeutic Facility says:

” While this suggestion emphasizes that there is no actual threat of death from drug overdose, it holds true that an individual’s electric motor control as well as reaction time intoxicated of cannabis are influenced, which is why, once consumed, marijuana is possibly deadly also for other individuals, such as countless accidents that take place yearly as a result of dangerous driving intoxicated marijuana. “

It is a very typical issue.It is intolerable that establishments, organizations and also state-supported bodies promote a false photo of marijuana. The outcomes of postmortem examinations resulting from transmission crashes, contrasted by the occurrence of psychological medicines are extremely basic proof. Nevertheless, the demonization of cannabis through data of doubtful reliability is to a huge extent due to its inadequate standardization.


Overdose implies taking in a greater dosage than needed in order to discover specific results. Overdosing on cannabis is extremely simple, although it obtains considerably harder with addiction. Nevertheless, too much usage of marijuana over a prolonged time period, particularly pressures abundant in THC, promotes the start of psychotic and also paranoid disorders.

Cannabis usage is not without its threats. It is fairly merely chemical. If taken in regularly over an extensive period of time, it will certainly affect the means you engage with the world. Temporary memory, procedures associated with the amygdala, particular tachycardias, and inequalities in social interaction can result from excessive and also prolonged cannabis use. Nonetheless, absolutely nothing that is not permanent through abstaining.

Nonetheless, mindful and responsible usage will not just not kill you, it will not create you any type of troubles. That doesn’t suggest you need to go to college or operate in the morning cigarette smoking a spliff. This means that cannabis is perfectly valid for getting to a different state of consciousness. Andy Chango states “it is intriguing for anyone to destroy reality, a minimum of one or two times in their life”. Reality is just what everyone believes until a person learns or else.